Touch is back from Monday 29 March 2021, but a new location!

So we’re back on the pitch again! From Monday 29 March 2021 we can restart Touch following the RFU Return to Rugby Roadmap. Times and days are unchanged (Mondays & Wednesdays at 19:30), but we have a new home at the Sherborne RFC facility with lights in the short term, and the Terrace Playing Fields after that once the evenings get lighter. Both of these facilities are located off the A352 Gainsborough Hill, south of Sherborne.

There is plenty of parking but no clubhouse facilities at the moment. Bring your own water bottle, towel etc.

We are still required to follow strict Covid guidelines …

  • Break every 15 minutes for hand and ball sanitisation
  • Maximum 10 players on a team, so if more than 20 players turn up we must split into two smaller groups and have two separate games. Once we have split up, we must remain in those groups and have breaks at different times.
  • No interaction between groups, even at the end of the session. Just go home!
  • You must read the Sherborne Touch Risk Assessment.
  • You must complete the Covid track and trace form below BEFORE EVERY SESSION.

Track & Trace Form